Wednesday, July 23, 2014

DIY Packaging Tips with Xyron and Maya Road

Handmade gifts are awesome- to make and receive. Recently I noticed one of my derby friends Pistol Packin Mamma was making her own soap. So I yapped up that I would love to have some, and she sweetly obliged and brought me two bars. Wrapped in wax paper and in a ziplock bag:
 all I could think of is- I can make her some cute packaging for this! The soap was amazing and I wanted to return the favor by gifting her back something out of my bag of tricks! I made her some cute packaging using Xyron and Maya Road embellishments. This is my GO TO packaging idea. It works on pretty much any shape package and flowing 5 components: Paper Wrap- sticker-tie-focal embellishment-tag. Use these 5 components on practically any handmade gift and you will kick that gift up a notch! I am giving Pistol a set of soap wraps as a thank you for the wonderful soap she made- do you have something that needs it's own packaging? Try the 5 it works!
{ So start by wrapping the paper, (here I used corrugated cardstock) and sticking with Xyron Mega Runner or High Tack Tape. Then run your own "sticker" through a Xyron Create A Sticker (here I used a Maya Road Chipboard piece sprayed orange with Colorbox Pigment Ink Spray in Tangerine). Tied it all together, then stuck on the Maya Road Kraft Flower. Then just whipped out a quick tag and Voila!}

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Xyron, May Arts and Simple Stories Blog Hop- Baby's Treasure B

For some reason right now all my friends are having babies, so I was very lucky to get this amazing Hello Baby collection from Simple Stories, and May Arts ribbon too!? Yes please! My first thought was mini album, but I really wanted my friend Angelica to have something to put little treasures, mementos and ephemera in. That's where the Treasure Box idea came from. I already had the simple wood box- but the inside, I wanted some little dividers-so I will show you how to make "guts" with your own box and Xyron adhesives. I have also added lots of tips for making your box and ideas of what to put in it. Enjoy!
{I started by measuring all of the sides I want to cover and then misusing .25 inch off so some of the wood showed through. I ran them through my Create A Sticker Max. Don't forget to burnish the back of your cardstock for maximum adhesion.  I lined the outer lid with May Arts Ribbon by using my Xyron Mega Runner with .25 inch tape in it. Then coat the whole thing in glossy Mod Podge. I want this box to last for a long time, so the Mod Podge acts as a sealer and protectant}

{to make the "guts" I trimmed chipboard. I measured to the top lid of the box, and the inner length and width. You want a perfect fit- so cut a little bigger and trim to size. No chipboard? How about a cereal box?}

{Start with the longer pieces. Cut the paper same length and 2 times the height-plus an inch. My guts were 1.5 inches high, so I cut the paper 4 inches high (1.5x2=3+1=4)}

{score down the center, if you don't have a score pal you can just fold half over}

{Now take your tape runner, and attache to the inside fold, then put adhesive on other side and fold over the chipboard}

{Now you have that extra little half inch hanging over each side, just make a fold by bending to each side then folding out flat. I Missed taking a picture of this after it was done, but if you look down two photos you are creating the flaps that will attach these pieces to the bottom of the box}

{Now repeat with the shorted ones, only don't make the extra for the flaps- so on my 1.5 inch guts I cut 3 inch strips- repeat above steps to adhere the paper}

{now play with them and decide where you want them- mark lightly with a pencil where you want to cut the slits}

{Take a small hole punch, or eyelet punch like mine and punch at the marks at least half way through the gut (you must go hallway or a little more-less than that they won't sit flush}

{After I punch the hole I cut into it- this is to make a slightly wider slit than if you just made a single cut- if you don't make room for the layers of paper and chipboard it won't lay nicely}

{So like this!}

{ Now do the short sides- but CAREFUL! See my finger tips? That should be the side you DO NOT cut into}

{Now I wanted this to be super sturdy, and I also needed a little forgiveness so I used some liquid glue. Glue your large pieces with the flaps first, then drop in your smaller ones. I decided afterwards I wanted a larger spaces I just trimmed one of my guts shorter}

{Now take some white glue and make a drop at the top of each non front facing slot (to hide the glue), run your finger down it. This little dab of glue will make your guts super strong}

{Now let the fun begin! I wanted to keep the outside simple and durables I just added the beautiful piece of wired May Arts Ribbon}

{added some crystal flowers for a little sparkle}

{TIP: the loose ends I folded under and glued down to the box to keep the bow in place and prevent raveling}

{A little vintage button to help open the lid. TIP: when using Mod Podge, the box lid can get sticky and not open easily- just take some sandpaper to the inside lid and that should take care of it}

{Treasures! I used: a mini craft bag, doily, vintage tickets, Maya Road Flowers, Petaloo Flowers, May Arts Ribbon and Simple Stories Hello Baby stickers}

{In the "empty" treasure box I put a little vending machine prize container, glass vial, a dolly perm rod, and some mini clothes pins. I can imagine her adding- baby teeth, locks of hair, her hospital band, photos.... written memories}

I made a little mini board with some cork and push pins, some kindergarten line paper}

{I made a little Monthly Mini book for her instagram pics of baby Amelia}

{here is a close up of some of the trinkets}

{I love this May Arts ribbon "Handmade with Love" for the book!}

{pretty pleased with how this came out and I REALLY hope when Amelia is older her Mom can take it out and show her all of her 1st year baby treasures}
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Supply list:
Petaloo Textured Elements Burlap Blossoms Ivory
Maya Road Kraft Flowers
Box and Cork paper- Michael's
Mod Podge Glossy Lustre

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Custom T Shirt with Lawn Fawn and Xyron

 Sometimes I love a stamp so much I just want to wear it! I love these set of Eyeglass Stamps from Lawn Fawn (Clear to See), they are so me (with my glasses and all!) But to stamp directly onto a shirt can be a little daunting, you only get one shot to get it right. Since I am a little sketchy in my stamping I came up with a great technique using muslin and a Xyron Tape Runner. For this project you will need a shirt, some plain pre shrunk cotton fabric or muslin, some Lawn Fawn Stamps, Colorbox Crafters Inks, Xyron Tape Runner and a seeing machine or needle and thread.
Let's get started!
{Start with your base shirt- really any shirt will do except extreme stretch knits, this is a poly blend.}
{Next grab a piece of muslin and make your stamps using the Crafter's Ink- make sure you leave enough around each stamp to cut into a square (or any other shape)- Go ahead and do multiples, this is the test stage! Then pick your cleanest ones and cut them out}
{You can use pinking shears if you don't want them to ravel, but I like that reveled look!- Very important- Crafters Ink needs to be heat set with your iron to become permanent so press them off for 20-30 seconds}

{Now grab your Xyron Tape Runner and run tape on the backside of your appliqués along each side but not totally to the edge. Believe it or not I have found tape runners to work great on fabric- you can sew through the adhesive, it doesn't gum up your needle, and it doesn't show through when your done!}

{ Now VERY IMPORTANT! Put your shirt on, THEN stick your appliqués to your shirt! Why? Because you want to make sure they are placed right, especially in the chest areas if you know what I mean. You don't want to do all this work and find out your appliqués are hiding under your breasts or on crooked}
{Now go to your machine and stitch around- you can use a straight stitch or play with all them fancy ones you never use- play with thread color- or hand stitch with some embroidery thread would be super cute too!}
{So cute! Who says stamps are just for paper!}
I hope you will try out this simple technique and start wearing your favorite stamps!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Something Tattered Pan Pastel Technique with Colorbox Pigment Inks

Hi everyone, so I am working on conquering my fear of stamping- I love stamps and have quite the collection- but that's where it tends to stop. I collect and admire them but don't use them as much. I think my fear is imperfection- but I think some imperfection is what gives stamps their character- so I am getting over it! I am getting over that fear by really challenging myself by learning new techniques and them applying them to my favorite stamps. Today we are going to do a little pan pastel effect using Gelatos. Here is the finished project and at the end my technique video!

Canson Watercolor Paper
Canson Linen Paper